Mindful Compassionate Dialogue (MCD)

A sense of meaning, purpose and fulfillment depends wholly on the quality of your relationships.

MCD provides clarity about stuck communication and relationship dynamics, and offers practical tools that naturally open the heart. Learning MCD supports you in uniting your deepest values with a clear understanding of how to connect and communicate with yourself and others.

Over the last 20 years, Wise Heart has helped thousands of people gain the skills and understanding they need to create honest, healthy, and caring relationships with partners, family, friends, and coworkers.

A comprehensive system and map

that describes the process and skills necessary for cultivating thriving relationships with yourself and others.

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Experience yourself and your relationships in a profoundly new way. Identify unsupportive relationship dynamics through an accessible framework, and learn a set of skills that enables you to make immediate changes.

MCD presents much more than a new or better way to communicate.

It asks you to make a paradigm shift in the way you relate to your experience, decide what you trust, and how you perceive others.

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