Is this you?

As you grow in your practice of mindfulness and communication, you realize that communicating differently is only the beginning of how you can transform your relationship to yourself and others.   You experience layers and layers of perspective and understanding as your practice deepens.  You feel a readiness to integrate new understanding, discover new ways of being, and learn more about the nuance of relating.
You are willing to engage from a vulnerable and authentic place to contribute to others and receive from others.  You know this sometimes means pushing through psychic blocks and tolerating the discomfort of being seen and known at new levels.

You'd like to understand how the psychological system of attachment impacts your relationships and how you can take action to cultivate relationship skills that build emotional security in personal relationships.

What is it all about?

In this intermediate class series, we will weave together Mindful Compassionate Dialogue and attachment theory. Bringing these together we will learn new ways to see through reactivity, find feelings, needs, and requests; and create profound healing experiences.
While we can’t recreate the infant/caregiver attachment experience as adults, there is a lot we can do to create emotional security as adults and enjoy the gifts of that. MCD provides an ideal doorway to create healthy attachment as an adult. Empathy is key ingredient for the emotional attunement so needed for secure adult relationships. At the same time, honest expression maintains the clear lines of responsibility and healthy differentiation also necessary for adult relationships.  

How it works

For each class we will begin with five minutes of guided meditation. A particular concept and skill will be presented. Then you will practice the skill in a short structured exercise. You will hear questions and comments from previous participants both clarifying the material and debriefing exercises.

You will follow along with the video (60-90 minutes) and your handout. Some exercises you can do on your own and some are best done with another person.

As you take the course you can ask questions via email: [email protected]

While you are taking the course, you can also book a discounted session with an MCD Companion for one-on-one live support.

Thank you so much for your participation and dedicating your time and energy to this important work. We look forward to connecting.

Topics for the Series:

Understanding Concepts:
We will begin by learning the basic concepts and vocabulary of attachment theory.  You will have an opportunity to look at your own relationship experiences through the lens of attachment.  You will discover how your attachment experiences have created unconscious habits of relating.  Adult attachment research has identified three basic patterns of relating.  You will get a chance to see which of these three most matches your own patterns of relating and how this shows up in daily life.
Experiencing the Attachment System:
Once you have a way to name your experience, you will be guided more fully into it.  With a variety of mindfulness exercises, you will get know various dimensions of your experience as your attachment system is activated.  This will include:  body sensations, impulses, images, defenses, thoughts, feelings, needs, and shifts in energy.  As you become more and more familiar with your own unique attachment system, you will find it easier to meet yourself with compassion and stay grounded even in the midst of strong reactions.
Healing & Transformation:
Research relative to mindfulness, empathy, and attachment is very clear about our ability to heal and learn new ways of relating.  Through a safe and structured process each person will be able to engage in experiential exercises that contribute to healing and transformation.

Communicating about Emotional Security & Differentiation:
You will learn and practice ways to communicate about these vulnerable and important parts of personal relationships. This will include ways of affirming boundaries, staying grounded in your autonomy, and fully expressing compassion for another without taking responsibility for them.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome! Download and Print this Handout for the Course

    • Getting the Most Out of Your Pre-Recorded Course

  • 2

    Week 1 - Overview of Attachment Theory

    • Week 1 Video

    • Outline for Week 1

  • 3

    Week 2 - Introduction to Security & Attunement

    • Week 2 Video

    • Outline for Week 2

  • 4

    Week 3 - The Security Network

    • Week 3 Video

    • Outline for Week 3

  • 5

    Week 4 - Introduction to the Anxious Pattern of Attachment

    • Week 4 Video

    • Outline for Week 4

  • 6

    Week 5 - Introduction to the Avoidant Pattern of Attachment

    • Week 5 Video

    • Outline Week 5

  • 7

    Week 6 - Introduction to the Fearful Avoidant Pattern of Attachment

    • Week 6 Video

    • Outline for Week 6

  • 8

    Week 7 - Deepening Security

    • Week 7 Video

    • Outline for Week 7

  • 9

    Week 8 - A Secure Perspective

    • Week 8 Video

    • Outline for Week 8

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